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Nine Systems

The subsystem of low-altitude, multi-source and multi-dimensional data acquisition

Fixed-wing UAV
Rotor UAV
High-definition digital camera for remote sensing
High-definition action camera
Real-time transmission system of high-definition image

The subsystem of single soldier and ground data acquisition

Divided single soldier operation in the last kilometer

The subsystem of electronic sand table and experts’ remote joint consultation

42-inch real-scene touch electronic sand table system

Real-time data sharing platform

The subsystem of intelligent control

UAV Ground Control Station

Centralized control system for vehicle electronic equipment

The subsystem of field integrated support

Vehicle Installation, reinforcement, shock absorption and electromagnetic compatibility

Vehicle self-rescue system

Oil supply system

Safety and lifesaving system

The subsystem of emergency delivery of satellite data

Including several land remote sensing satellites at home and abroad
covering 70% of the land in Asia and the whole territory of China.
Real-time push and quick look data on image

The subsystem of barrier-free communication guarantee

4G on-board Internet
Encrypted radio transmission

The subsystem of video conferencing and press release

High-definition camera for video conferencing
HD real-time dialogue screen for video conferencing
Screen for press release
Control system for audio and video

The subsystem of autonomous power supply

Power generation by torque extraction with open-ended power supply
UPS stabilized voltage with uninterrupted power supply
Electric power supply for oil engine for 6 hours
Access to 220V city electricity
Power maintenance of DC equipment

Collaborative Plotting And Emergency Command Platform
Selection of Refitted Vehicle Types
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